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Not The London Marathon 2015 (David)


In 2009 it was suggested that a social run around the Bushy parkrun 5k course a few weeks out from the London Marathon would be a great little motivator for those long runs and also to get to share a long run with people who are running different distances – so not just for the 20+ miler club!  Not The London Marathon was born!  You can read about the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 events elsewhere on this blog. The ‘rules’ are as follows… Start around

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2014 Training Summary (David)

Home Sweet Home

Each year along with many other people we like to look back at the previous years training and racing.  I’ve done it on this site since 2007 so this is my eighth annual summary.  Well, there’s good and bad to it so lets get cracking… The year started with a plan to run the London Marathon in April and get a ‘Good For Age’ time that would guarantee entry for the next couple of years.  I had a bit of a

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Hayling Island 10 Mile Road Race – 30 November 2014


I don’t do running races.  Well, not very often.  This year I took part in the (wonderfully organised and lovely) Spitfire 20 run in March as part of my London Marathon (which didn’t happen) build-up.  Before then I did a couple of shorter races in 2013 along with a half marathon and marathon.  OK, I did a few Ironman triathlons as well but days when I turn up on the start line wearing running shoes and pinning a number on

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10 years of parkrun

Martin (David's brother), David and Sharon

In June 2006 I went along to Bushy Park in south-west London and ran 5k.  It was at a little free to run event called the Bushy Park Time Trial.  A month or so later I’d got the running bug for sure so set up this blog to record what I’d been up to.  Since then the Bushy Park Time Trial has changed massively.  It became parkrun – and parkrun is taking over parks and open spaces around the world

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Ironman Hawaii 2013 – Video


Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I went to Hawaii in October 2013.  You may have also noticed that Sharon and I had a pretty good time! Well, to get my friends who are about to fly out to Kona excited about what’s coming up I have at last put together a little video of what we got up to last October.  Enjoy.

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Ironman Wales 2014

Two tickets to the gun show please!

I entered Ironman Wales a year ago – on the 13th September 2013. This was was less than a week away from flying out to Hawaii for the 2013 World Championship. Hawaii…. Wales…. yeah, they’re both by the sea so pretty similar I guess. This past year has felt busy. After the fun and games in October 2013 things calmed down a little over winter. We decided to move house after nearly 20 years or so living in West London

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Epic Camp 2014 – Day 12 – Lake Louise to Calgary


Warning – there will be a bit of rambling in this post. Sorry. I sometimes drivel on and this is no exception. It was a special day and the end to an unforgettable experience. If you’re so inclined then please stick the kettle on, sit back and have a read. This blog post is really just for me to remember in years to come. I just put it online for those curious about the nonsense that I get up on

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Epic Camp 2014 – Day 11 – Lake Louise


Today was billed as an easy day. This means that the camp minimums aren’t too bad, but there’s plenty of scope for others to tack on extra miles on the bike or do some running. The lakes round here are too cold for anything that resembles swimming so it’s just running and cycling for us today. We’re staying in Lake Louise for another night but going to another lake this morning for some fun and games. A lie-in this morning

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