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0 days to go…that must mean it’s Marathon Day!

I’ve banked the miles, it’s time to make a withdrawal. Bring. It. On.

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1 day to go…

All of sudden, it’s, “the day before the London Marathon”. Gosh, that came around quickly ;) This morning saw me at Bushy parkrun, taking some photos (including photos of a certain Special parkrun Person getting a shiny PB, awesome!) and meeting parkrunners and parkrun Event Directors from far and wide. It was a great morning, I must say. When Paul looks around and sees what he has created and how people come together from all over the world as a

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2 days to go…

Rest day. Nice. Well, I did some chores, went to the supermarket, had an afternoon nap, listened to the Diane Ackroyd interviews on Marathon Talk and then went to a talk given by Comrades Ultra Marathon legend Bruce Fordyce. Wow. He was brilliant, so funny – even for a South African ;) He spoke a lot about the traditions of the race. This is the kind if thing I love – history of events, traditions, even a bit of pomp

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3 days to go…

So it’s Thursday. One more run left on the schedule, which was 2 miles. I thought I would run down to Old Isleworth to see the Queen’s Royal Barge, “Gloriana” as she was lowered into the Thames. I timed it to perfection to arrive in sunshine but as the weather had been a bit iffy, donned my goretex running jacket, complete with thumb holes (my favourite thing!) and off I set. It was a bit further than I thought, 1.6

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4 days to go…

Only 4 days. So 4 miles on the schedule for 4 days to go, had a nice little run – got soaked the first 2 miles but then dried off a bit on the way home. Strangely, the time I don’t think much about the marathon has been when I am running. However, for some reason today as I was running along I started to think about what it would be like to see that, “385 yards to go” sign.

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5 days to go…

Today was my last day at work for a while. I decided a long while ago that I would take the week after the marathon as annual leave (mostly because I don’t think I will be able to get down the stairs, so I just won’t bother) and I wanted time beforehand to rest and get to the marathon expo without any pressure. On my schedule for today was 3 miles. I set off with Marathon Talk in my ears,

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6 days to go…

Another day of thinking about nothing else apart from the marathon. Yesterday we watched the start of the Paris Marathon live at 8am, then I went for a run and arrived home to catch the finish of the Rotterdam Marathon. Then last night we watched the BBC London Marathon highlights program from 2009. Today I watched the Boston Marathon on telly. Twice. Don’t ask. Each individual watching was split up by a massage. Suffice to say, my “thinking about nothing

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7 days to go…

Well, it’s one week to go until the London Marathon. I think I am ready. I am going to put down some ramblings over the next week, so that I will be able to look back and see how I was feeling in the run-up. I had my last Sunday run of the training schedule today, wearing all the kit I might possibly need (hot/sunny/rainy/cold variables all covered with arm warmers, knee socks and visor). I only look marginally like

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