#winterswim 2009-2010 – 400m time trial #2

As part of the #winterswim time trials, every other period is a 400m time trial.  This is a great way to monitor progress as you get to do this once a month during the winter.

Between 23rd November and today, 6th December we had to clock our best 400m time.  Previously I’d clocked 6:48 so I wondered how I would get on this time around.

Well, in summary very little has changed.  On 25 November I clocked a 6:47 and did exactly the same a few days ago as well.  At least I’m consistent….

Starting tomorrow is a 100m200m period.  Its going to be a lung buster!

2 comments on “#winterswim 2009-2010 – 400m time trial #2
  1. Kirsty says:

    I thought it was 200m next?

  2. David says:

    Damn, foiled again! I was hoping you’d clock a 100m time and then be disqualified :)

    My mistake – I’ve now corrected it!

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