Virgin London Marathon – Graphical Stats

I just thought I’d post this graphic which is now available for all runners of the 2012 London Marathon on the results website.  This gives a good overview of how I did during the race compared to other runners.  The graphics are created by and I think it’s pretty cool for something so simple.

The most interesting thing for me here is the data on how I ran during the last 7km (from 35 to 42km).  Apparently I overtook 455 runners during this time, and only 5 runners passed me.  As I said in my race report I kept my pace going steady until the finish, which clearly was not quite the same for just about everyone else around me.  I’ll take that as a positive thing :)

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  1. Debbie Dann says:

    David – Indirectly VLM related. I’m really pleased to have found your (and Sharon’s) blog. I’m aiming at Challenge Wanaka in 2014 and it was fascinating to read your pre-race and race report. I’m building up in 2013 with a couple of HIM distance races and have entered the ballot for VLM in the vain hope that I might get a place, just to tick it off the bucket list. I guess the mild Winter in 2011 was on your side but I’d be interested in how you managed your training to prepare for a Southern Hemisphere mid Summer Iron distance race knowing the vagaries of the British weather. Congrats on a great blog – like you I have started one more as a record for myself as much as for anyone else. Keep posting and keep running!

    • David says:

      Debbie – thanks for the comment. Wanaka is an awesome race. You’ll love it. The whole area is stunning!

      The mild winter was indeed on my side although the main thing the weather affects is the biking. Run training is rarely affected by bad weather (we don’t get much snow down in London, and if we do its normally February time – although December 2010 was an exception to that). Swim training – well, you can’t get much/any open water practice in but at least you can swim in all weather.

      So its all about the bike – yeah, it was mild this past winter so getting the long rides in wasn’t too much of a problem. Almost all of my bike training I do on my own. I’m pretty motivated to keep pushing when on a long ride. This is all handy as in mid-December you’re unlikely to find many friends who want to ride 100 miles on the bike on a Saturday or Sunday! If you always ride with friends then this could be a tricky one trying to find someone who’s happy to ride that distance. Failing that if I was in that situation and living where we do (West London) you could ride with friend(s) for 50-60 miles (if you’re lucky) and then go somewhere like Richmond Park to do a few laps there on your own (but with the company of the hundreds of other cyclists who are always riding in the park).

      I found that as Wanaka is mid-late January you get all the big training down by early January. If you’re training for say Ironman New Zealand which is a number of weeks later I think it’s much riskier weather wise having to do rides all throughout January and well into February.

      Thanks for the nice words about the blog. Great to hear that the odd person reads it :)

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