Author: David

IMTalk Kona Weekend Half Ironman (11 October 2020)

In this strange old time we’re living in races have been cancelled all over the world – one of them being the Ironman World Championship in the town of Kona, on the island of Hawaii.  The IM Talk podcast that I’ve been listening to for well over ten years decided to keep the interest in the race going and do their own ‘virtual’ event on the same weekend. Rather than do a full 140.6 mile Ironman they planned a Half

Virtual London Marathon 2020 (David)

So… we’d been doing a few training runs in readiness for a relay race in September and things were going well – and then I saw online that the London Marathon was going to be a “virtual race” this year (unless you’re Kenyan whereas you get to run laps round a park in London instead). This didn’t interest me at all – until I saw that everyone gets a technical tee shirt and a medal if you finish. And it

David Lloyd clubs Ultra Relay – 13 September 2020

In 2019 I took part in this four person relay race from Worthing to Brighton of (approx) 10 miles each. I only did it as there was the promise of a burger at the finish. The burger was lovely and I wrote about it (and the run that led up to it) in last years blog. This year the organisers worked really hard to ensure that the event could be run in a Covid-19 secure manner and with everything that’s

Chichester 10k – 2 February 2020 (David)

A couple of weeks ago Sharon and I decided to enter the Chichester 10k. Well, I thought it would be a good idea and whilst filling in my entry form filled one in for Sharon as well. I ran the race last two years ago (I don’t think I blogged about it) when I did a number exchange with a friend who was injured. I had a good run, my time was 42 minutes exactly and my training log said

David Lloyd clubs Ultra Relay – 24 June 2019

I don’t run hills. I very very rarely run off-road (I ran on the beach once this year and that’s about it). So why not be part of a team of four running 10 miles each mostly off-road between Worthing and Brighton up to and along the South Downs Way? No was my answer. A few weeks later I heard you got a decent burger and chips at the finish. Sign me up! There were 30 mile or 40 mile

The Felpham Five – 5 June 2019

Beach running… my favourite. The last time I wrote about beach running here was in 2016 when I took part in a race in Littlehampton. I wrote at the time… Straight after the finish I saw Ben (the race director of the new Felpham Five event) and immediately offered myself as a volunteer for his race – anything not to have to run!! In 2016 I volunteered for the race. I don’t think it took place in 2017 and then….

Ironman Lanzarote 2019 – Race Day

Three days after the race we’re sat on the plane flying home. Right then, lets write a blog. This is what came to mind. I needed to write a bit more than that, so here goes…starting with Friday (the day before the race). My pre-race blog can be found here. After taking the bike and transition bags (bike shoes in one, run shoes in another) down to the ‘race village’ on Friday afternoon it was back to the apartment to

Ironman Lanzarote 2019 – what am I doing here!

Right then, this blog is overdue a little update I’d say. I did sneak in a post about getting to my 500th parkrun a couple of weeks ago but other than that all has been suspiciously quiet – mainly as I think I’ve retired from this long distance nonsense. After Kona in October 2015 I thought I’d have a year or two off. I did. It was lovely. There’s far too many distractions around the house, with the local sailing