Author: Sharon

Cranleigh 21 mile race – 25 March 2012 (Sharon)

Goodness me, I had a sleepless night worrying about this race. It’s been on my mind for a while and here was the morning. We collected Kirsty and Danny (2008 Race Flashback anyone?) an hour earlier than we would have liked due to the clocks Springing forward and before we knew it we were parked in our usual space in Cranleigh!

Not the London Marathon 2012 (Sharon)

You might not realise but I am training for the London Marathon. I got a place last year which I deferred and then this year I deliberated long and hard about taking up the place but decided to at least give myself the option of getting on the start line. Anyway, I have been trying to keep to my Hal Higdon Schedule (novice 1 if you’re wondering) but things have conspired against me a little. However, here we are, 6

Saucony 10k – 4 March 2012 (Sharon)

Sunday morning, race morning. It hasn’t been race morning on a Sunday very much for me in the last couple of years – but David thought we should enter this to get into the Triathlon Show “free” (included in the race entry) and get a technical tee shirt (not that I need any more running kit!)…oh and run a 10k. We arrived early, milled about a bit and went for a warm-up, it was pretty chilly too. On said warm-up

My first “ice bath”

Apparently they are good for you (according to some coaches/runners) apparently they reduce your immune system (according to others) and apparently David likes to torture me.  Whichever you choose to believe, I was greeted on my arrival home from my longest ever training run on Tuesday with a bath of cold water. Nice. I have to say, my legs were much better afterwards even though I only managed 5 minutes in it, I think it’s meant to be minimum 10

Bedford Harriers Half Marathon 2011 (Sharon)

Dear Reader, let me set the scene.  After “discovering” running and losing weight back in 2007, I have had a couple of years unable to run for one reason and another, which I won’t bore you with.  Back in April, I was trying to decide whether or not to take up my deferred London Marathon place from this year and run in 2012.  I was 4 stone overweight.  So, I joined Weight Watchers and started to run a bit more. 

Frimley Lodge parkrun – 15 October 2011

So, off we set on a parkrun away day…David and Danny decided that we would head into Surrey to go to Frimley Lodge parkrun – now the “home” run of our first parkrun 250 club member, Darren. It was cold, so long legs were the order of the day, there then ensued a whole “long sleeved top under 100 club top” debate…I took mine off in the end. Such decisions…good job I had had my rice pudding for breakfast. More

Nonsuch parkrun – 17 September 2011

Apparently blogs are like buses, you wait for ages and then along come two very close together… This morning saw us heading to the inaugural Nonsuch parkrun, in Cheam.  I was so impressed at the organisation and the turn-out for a first event was brilliant, very nearly 200 people.  Wow!  The Lady Mayor is a member of one of the local clubs (Epsom Allsorts) and she was there for the first event too. We set off, a slight downhill on

Ratchford Relays – 30 August 2011

OK, so it’s been eons since I last wrote a blog.  In fairness to me it’s because I haven’t had very much to blog about.  A bit of background to my running comeback (ahem!) first… I started to get back to running again in January this year with the aid of Marathon Talk’s, “Jantastic”…swiftly followed by, “Febulous” and then, “Marchvellous”.  Essentially it meant I started to run again 3 times a week, with my runs getting a bit longer and