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Epic Camp 2014 – Day 4 – The Clinton International Triathlon

This morning in the small town of Clinton was pleasant as we are here for two nights and didn’t need to check out of our rooms and cycle off to some distant town. Instead John N. had planned a little triathlon race for today to keep us on our toes. When I woke my quads were aching. I was hoping after yesterdays ‘easy’ day they would be feeling happy but they were not. This is not good. Before that we

Epic Camp 2014 – Day 3 – Lillooet to Clinton

Thursdays plan was for a 3k lake swim, a 10k run and a 106k (66 mile) bike ride – and a rather hilly one at that. The run needed to be done at some point, either after the swim or after the bike ride. I was rooming with Adam K. and he suggested getting on the early ‘bus’ to the lake, doing the 3k swim and then running back before breakfast and then the bike ride. This would mean I

Epic Camp 2014 – Day 2 – Whistler to Lillooet

Tuesday night I was shattered. I was in bed by 8:15pm and asleep by 9. I woke up just before 5am so lazed around for about an hour before getting up at 6. Sorted myself out and then down with my bike shortly after 6:30am for the early activities. A pre-breakfast of toast and honey followed by a honey sandwich set me up! We all rolled out and headed towards a place called Rainbow Park, situated right on the lake.

Epic Camp 2014 – Day 1 – Vancouver to Whistler

Every day for the next 12 days my laptop will pop up a little reminder about the day ahead. Unfortunately the one thing I cannot do is click ‘Snooze!’ I was awake shortly before 5am (the 8 hour time difference didn’t help at all) and at about 10 past I got up and worked out how to use the coffee machine in the room. Sorted myself out for the early activities on the list and then went downstairs. There I

Epic Camp 2014 – Day 0

After spending the last few days trying to decide whether to take my fancy time trial bike or road bike I eventually decided for the road bike. This should be more comfortable for me over the next couple of weeks – so ‘Ruby’, my trusty Specialized Roubaix which I’ve had since early 2008 will be my friend for the next two weeks. The bags were packed and first thing Monday morning I was on my way to Heathrow.  The last

Epic Camp Prologue

In 2009 a fellow ‘pirate’ (Gavin, PSC) told me about the IMTalk triathlon podcast. I’ve been listening to it weekly without fail ever since. From listening to the podcast I learn about and heard amazing stories of events such as Challenge Roth, Challenge Wanaka, the Nice triathlon etc. Because of the podcast these are all events that I’ve been fortunate to have taken part in. I’ve even managed the ‘superbowl’ of long distance triathlon – the Ironman World Championship in