Ironman Hawaii 2013

In August 2013 David qualified at Ironman UK for the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Here are all the blog posts relating to this race from the build and and through to day to day life at the home of Ironman with the most recent ones listed first.

Kona Diaries 2013 – Day 21 – Race Week Tuesday – Hey… Hey… David…

Hmn, I wonder what the plan for this morning might entail. Oh yes, that’s right. It’s race week so down to the pier for a swim. Just to the coffee boat though, none of this long distance nonsense! I’ll save that for Saturday. Don’t want to wear myself out now you know. Sharon and I were down at the pier looking cool (er, just relaxing) by about 6:45am. The place is getting so busy this week. Seating areas along the

Kona Diaries 2013 – Day 20 – Race Week Monday – “I’m going to be so bloody miserable when I leave this place.”

It seems that swim time is at around 7am each morning. This morning however Sharon and I were at the pier by about 6:45am and I didn’t get my feet wet until gone 7:30am! We hung around just watching what was going on, along with a sea turtle that decided to have breakfast on the algae by the pier. Before getting in the water we saw professional triathlete Dirk Bockel getting ready for a swim. I went over, wished him good

Kona Diaries 2013 – Day 19 – Another race, but not for me

This morning was the second ‘race’ as part of Ironman week. The PATH (People’s Advocacy for Trails Hawaii) 5k and 10k running races. I’d not entered either of them but Sharon had entered the 5k. The race started just after 7:30am so we were up and out the condo by 6:40 to ensure we got there, registered and ready before the start. There were loads of people milling around and getting ready for the race – there was a lovely

Kona Diaries 2013 – Day 18 – Bromance on the High Seas!

Daylight is pretty much from about 6am through till 6:45pm. My plan is to make the most of the ‘light’ hours and not worry so much about the dark ones. Ironman is really starting to show its face in town at the moment. Signs are appearing on shops, every street corner seems to have a sign for ‘Ironman special massage’ details, the crowds are starting to appear and its getting more and more exiting. The first event in the Ironman

Kona Diaries 2013 – Day 17 – Funky Trunks!

This morning we had planned to be down at the pier for a 7am swim and to meet up with Claire Shea-Simonds (a speedy lass who qualified at Lanzarote in May) and also with Matt Molloy, who was kindly hand delivering my Freespeed Kona Qualifier t-shirt. Freespeed are a company based in Chiswick, West London who specialise in bike fitting. You go there, they stick you on a strange sort of exercise bike – move the saddle, bars etc., do

Kona Diaries 2013 – Day 16 – Kayak, Swim, Shave

After yesterdays fun on the bike today I decided to do something different. How about some swimming, but not really swimming… Sharon and I like a bit of kayaking/snorkelling. We’ve snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef, in Barbados, in Egypt, New Zealand and today it was time for Hawaii. OK, so we did a little snorkelling a few days ago but today, Thursday, we planned to do a proper organised trip. After Sharon read about them from the folk

Kona Diaries 2013 – Day 15 – Hawaiian shave ice. Nectar of the gods! Oh, and a little bike ride

After last nights pre-race dinner practice this morning it was time for breakfast practice. We found a big tub of ‘rice pudding in the supermarket the other day so I gave that a go. It was lovely. That’s it – race day breakfast is sorted! I then sorted out my bike for todays ride (stacked up with drinks bottles, energy gels and bars) and headed to Lava Java to meet up with Declan. He lives about three miles away from

Kona Diaries 2013 – Day 14 – Easy like Tuesday morning…

This is all getting a bit repetitive…. I like it though. A lot. Wake up, coffee as the sun rises and a decision about the day ahead. Rather than go swimming today I decided to watch people swim instead, so we headed to the pier for a while. I took this opportunity to have a little go at a timelapse panoramic video of Dig Me Beach. Todays pro sightings were Dan Hawksworth (Ironman UK winner who just arrived yesterday), Michelle