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2014 Training Summary (David)

Each year along with many other people we like to look back at the previous years training and racing.  I’ve done it on this site since 2007 so this is my eighth annual summary.  Well, there’s good and bad to it so lets get cracking… The year started with a plan to run the London Marathon in April and get a ‘Good For Age’ time that would guarantee entry for the next couple of years.  I had a bit of a

Ironman Hawaii 2013 – Video

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I went to Hawaii in October 2013.  You may have also noticed that Sharon and I had a pretty good time! Well, to get my friends who are about to fly out to Kona excited about what’s coming up I have at last put together a little video of what we got up to last October.  Enjoy.

Ironman Wales 2014 – Musings of an Iron Sherpa!

In time honoured tradition, I thought I’d write a few words about David’s race on Sunday. It’s self-indulgent (I feel blogs often are) but really we write them so that when we are old we can remember all the fun we had in our lives. In the days before IM Wales I was getting really nervous. By race morning I was a wreck. I vomitted three times in the B&B before we went to the start. I was scared to

Ironman Wales 2014

I entered Ironman Wales a year ago – on the 13th September 2013. This was was less than a week away from flying out to Hawaii for the 2013 World Championship. Hawaii…. Wales…. yeah, they’re both by the sea so pretty similar I guess. This past year has felt busy. After the fun and games in October 2013 things calmed down a little over winter. We decided to move house after nearly 20 years or so living in West London

Long Course Weekend – July 2014

As I’m taking part in Ironman Wales in September of this year I always wanted to go and do a course recce before the event to get a feel for the bike route – which is by all accounts the toughest Ironman bike course on the circuit. Rather than do a self supported trip to Tenby to look at the course I decided at the end of last year to enter the ‘Long Course Weekend’ – this event consists of

Ironman France 2014 – Race Day

Sunday morning and a 3:50am alarm got us out of bed. Within seconds the kettle was on for a cup of coffee followed by a tin and a half of rice pudding. That was breakfast sorted. Transition for the race opened between 5 and 6am (race start is 6:30am) so I was down there at 5am to make sure the bike survived the night alright without me and to fill up the drinks bottles. The drink of choice today was

Ironman France 2014 – Pre-Race

I could write lots of words about the first few days here in Nice but I won’t.  Instead here’s a few words and lots of photos… On Thursday three of us rode to Monaco to play silly buggers on the Formula 1 track around the town.  We drunk coffee (that wasn’t ridiculously priced) and Shaun had two punctures. On Friday after a little swim I headed out on the bike to have a look at the first 20km or so

June 2014 training update – Race Week

So, this is it… race week! Hmn, well, it’s race week but I’m not race ready. This post will probably just read like a list of excuses and writing about my lack of training. Sorry! Since the last post we’ve picked up the keys to our new house (it’s lovely) and we’re now living by the sea. Close enough that I can walk out of the front door in my wetsuit and be in the sea swimming in just over