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London 2007 entry in the post

By on david

After getting my copy of “Marathon News” magazine from the Adidas store on Oxford Street (London) a few days ago during my lunch hour, I today posted off my application for the 2007 London Marathon.

Entries work through a ballot system and the odds aren’t so great, but you’ve got to enter to have a chance. Failing that I may try for a charity place, but you need to commit to raising normally in the region of about 1,200 pounds and upwards depending on the charity - and with work and other stuff keeping me busy, this would be tough. Lets just see what happens.

In the application form you have to state what time you think you’ll complete the run in, I went for 3:45-4:00 hours. Based on my previous timed runs (5k just over 20 minutes and 10k just under 45 minutes) this should be possible with training.

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