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David tops the BPTT Leaderboard...

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So, the Bushy Park Time Trial (BPTT) 2007 season is well under way and because of my (crazy) consistency of going every week and doing pretty well, as of 1st January I am currently top of the league.

The points system is described as follows…

After each race we separate the men & women into their own categories. For each category, starting at 250 for the first runner to finish we allocate a score to each finisher, reducing the score by one point until one point. Thereafter everyone gets one point.

So, if you were the 15th finisher in your category you scored 236 points. If you were the 250th finisher in your category you score one point.

I’ve been in the top 5 for a few weeks now and just clinched the top spot when the chap in first place was not there on New Years Day. He’s clearly a much faster runner than I am (by about a minute or so over 5k) but my weekly consistency (I’m the only person who’s completed all 15 races so far) has got me where I am.

Over the coming weeks and months I expect to drop from the top spot and fall down a few places - but whilst I’m here I’ll enjoy it!

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