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Sharon's first 10km race...

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Here’s the story of Sharon’s first 10km race the Goring, Woodcote and District Lions 10k, where this year all profits from the race entries were donated to the Macmillan nurses in the area.

OK, epic report coming up :) Got up early, ready brek in bed courtesy of David, hardly slept a wink, every time I woke up I can only say that I was terrified! We got to Woodcote and thought that given the reported hilly nature of the course, we should drive it so that I could see what I was up against. They weren’t wrong! The first 5kms were steadily downhill except for two teeny hills but the second half was dominated by three hills, one which was much of 5-6kms, then from 7kms to just over 9kms. Eeeek! I could only think that I would have to be veeery slow up them!So, several comfort breaks later, it was almost start time. I lined up at the back (where else!) and we were off.As I thought, the first 5kms were good and I did them in less than my BPTT best, which concerned me as I could only think of those hills ahead! Tried to drink the water at the halfway point but it was too cold to drink. Suceeded in chucking some of it down my top instead ;)

So, up the first hill I set. At this point it decided to become a tad windy and drizzly but I kept going. I even overtook two women on the hill. Got to the top, blown to bits and said “hello” to the pigs in the field before going downhill again to 7kms. Of course, what goes down must come up and so I was off up hill number two. At the top of this, my legs really gave up. It was hurting and I wanted to stop. But I didn’t. Somehow I got going again and never have I been so glad to get onto a flat piece of road. The next thing I knew, I could see the finish line and our godson Harry and his mum running towards me, then I saw David taking photos so I tried to smile :)

My official time was around 1:11:52 (I think, waiting for the results to appear) but my watch time was 1:11:40 from my first running step before the start line. I can’t believe I managed to do it. From literally not being able to run a step at the start of my runners world beginners training plan on 21st August 2006, I managed a 10k! The next 10k is already booked and as long as David doesn’t chicken out with his dodgy hip excuse, he’ll be there with me. Well, about 30 minutes in front ;)

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