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In our quest to be the most prepared competitors at the triathlon that friend Kirsty and myself are doing at the end of the month, the plan for Friday evening was to test out the bike route. It’s a ride of just over 21km and it’s always good to know the course before running/cycling in a race, just to avoid any nasty suprises on the day.

Well, I’m not going to go into anywhere near as much detail as Kirsty did, but lets just say there was a slight “mapping misfunction”, and less than 5km into the ride we (ok, I) missed a turning. We didn’t notice for a few miles and by then it was pi**ing with rain and getting dark. We were not lost, we just went the wrong way. Thankfully we worked out the error of our ways (the new Google Maps UK for mobile phones is great), but by then we needed to head back - it was gone 8pm on a Friday night you know!

Overall I don’t think the ride was as bad as it could have been. We cycled the distance we need to on the day. We know where *not* to go, and this confirmed that my £9.99 triathlon suit from cheapo-store Aldi does not fall apart when wet! My shoes are currently still drying out.

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