Round and round we go…

20070718-track_session.jpgThis evening I went down to the running track at St. Mary’s Richmond Athletic Club for a training session. I’ve been to the track at St. Mary’s a few times before to take photos at athletic events but tonight was the first time I’d ever run round the thing.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was hard work, and I found it surprising how long a lap really is (er, 400 metres!). I ran round it many times, and look forward to doing it again.

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  1. Danny Boy says:

    Awesome, I didn’t know you had your Garmin going!
    That pic looks cool.

    Metres is spelt with an ‘re’ by the way, not the American way. Tut tut! :)

    Yours truly,
    Grammar Nazi.

  2. Sharon says:

    Haha! I told him at the time but he doesn’t listen to me….

  3. Excellent. It’s good you enjoyed it – it can be quite a chore going round & round.

    I want to get down to the track soon and try a Cooper’s Run test to see where I’m at in terms of (lack of) fitness.

  4. David says:

    Hmn, 12 minutes constant on the track.. Sounds like hard work to me, although I do like the idea…

  5. It could be a good session. Let me know if you’re up for it and maybe we can arrange something with a few more runners. I’m going to try and talk Claire into doing one too.

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  1. […] The session we took part in was, I gather, Parlov intervals, which sounds more complicated than it is. In pairs, the first runner runs 300m at pace, then hands over to the second runner, who does the same. In the meantime the first runner jogs back 100m and takes over when the second runner comes around. We did two 15 minute sessions, with a short (4 minute?) break in between. Quite amusing the ‘find a partner’: Flashbacks to school days which was rather amusing, to me at least. I’ve attached the KML (see embedded map below) from one of the sessions below for fun and grins (I was also quite tickled when Dave did similar) […]

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