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MABAC Cross Country - 7 August

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So instead of our usual training run/hill session/speed session on Tuesday night, we had a trip out to Wimbledon to run a 5 mile cross country race, as part of the MABAC league. There were quite a few Ranelagh running, I think about 20 and it was great fun.

The course was (according to my trusty Garmin) 4.62 miles, not 5, but that was long enough! There was a nasty sandy hill which we had to run twice, I found a firm pathy bit down the right hand side and ploughed on. The downhill was a tad scary - I turned over on my right ankle at one point which spooked me but it was OK. The only annoying bit of the whole course was literally just after the start, when there was a massive bottleneck of runners to get through a little gap. I stood still for a whole minute but hey ho, it’s only for fun.

My time (including the bottleneck wait!) was 47:16, which I was pretty pleased with and I finished 170/203. The thing I was most pleased about is that someone who I really respect in terms of running said that I was starting to look like a “real runner”, which is pretty cool. This race was a good cross country season precursor and I am really glad I did it, my second cross country race.

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