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BPTT Update - 26 April 2008

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So, yet another busy day for me today. I was up just before 6am, fuelled up with porage, then headed off via Kirsty’s house (to pick her up) en route to go swimming in a local lake. The water was warmer this week and my newly purchased neoprene socks made a huge difference. I swam about 1000 metres this morning and that was before 7:30am! Shower, change then off to Bushy Park.

After last weeks return to running and the beautiful weather we were having I wanted to give myself a bit more of a target to aim at - and just before the start I said to a couple of friends that I planned/hoped to run about 19:15. Although I was wearing my GPS today, I didn’t look at it once during the time trial race. I found it really tough this morning - my legs were feeling it from a hard run earlier in the week and probably the swim earlier this morning. Anyway, the end result I’m happy to report was a time of 19:13 and 34th position. My heart rate was much much higher than it has been for a long time (average was 182bpm) - in fact it was the highest average heart rate for any BPTT that I’ve run whilst wearing it (15 of them - 72 runs in total). My average heart rate at time trial normally sits around the 175 mark. Anyway, I was happy with the run, although it was hard work - I guess its to be expected when I’ve hardly run at all over the past few weeks.

Sharon hasn’t been running much either lately after slipping and falling over a couple of weeks ago whilst we were in Scotland. She took it steady today and ran a time of 28:17.

As I said earlier the weather was beautiful today and this attracted 446 runners compared with 336 in last weeks miserable weather. In the afternoon whilst Sharon went to work (boo hiss) I took advantage of the sunshine and went on a long bike ride to Box Hill and back, clocking just over 40 miles.

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