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#winterswim 2009-2010 - 100m time trial

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OK, I’ve got between 9-23rd November to clock a 100m timed swim so earlier this week Sharon, Danny and myself went down to Teddington Pool to give it a go. After a solid warm-up I set off for my four lengths. The first 2.5 lengths were fine, and then my legs started to give up on me. Heading to the 75m turn-point the lactate and tiredness was well and truly there and after the turn it was just grit your teeth and swim and strongly as possible to the finish.

As I touched the end of the lane I was shattered - my time was 1:21 which I’m really happy with - about the same sort of speed that I can run round a 400m track. It certainly felt as tough.

I had a few more attempts later at 100m and couldn’t get close to my first time. I also had a go including tumble-turns but my time was in the high 1:30’s.

Towards the end of each attempt I could really tell my technique was falling apart, as every time I turned to breath I was making one hell of a splash which I wasn’t doing earlier on.

I’ll be back at the pool next week for another go, but thought I’d blog this one now before I forget!

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