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Glasgow parkrun - 13 February 2010

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After barely running since the end of November I’ve reached a point where I want to get back on my feet - slowly but surely. The plan is to do most of my running off-road - i.e., on softer surfaces and to slowly build up mileage. I’ve got five months to be ready for Ironman and although I’d ideally like to be ticking over with 15+ mile long runs each week that’s not the case…yet.

Anyway, back to the present. Sharon and I had been wanting to come and visit some friends of ours who live in Glasgow for a long time and we found a date that fitted in all of our diaries. So here we are, up in Glasgow.

With our friend Richard being one of the Glasgow parkrun race directors (and our parkrun addiction) we had to go for a run whilst we were visiting. In my preparation I managed to run 5k on a treadmill earlier in the week with no real difficulty so felt I was good to go for the 5k parkrun this weekend. I’d run 6 miles in January and 5k on the treadmill so far this month.

Saturday morning - 9am came and passed - which wasn’t a problem as Scottish parkrun events take place at 9:30am. Glasgow parkrun is currently going from strength to strength and they’re puling in fantastic numbers - this week being their third record attendance in a row - with 286 runners taking part.

My plan for the run was really just to enjoy it but put in some decent effort and see how my fitness (and foot) was holding up.

Coming into the finish - photo: Gill Williamson Coming into the finish - photo: Gill Williamson

The Glasgow course is lovely - it’s not easy but not too tough (I’d rank it similar in difficulty to Richmond parkrun). All the hilly bits are fairly short so you’re never having to slog uphill for long - and the down-hills are not too steep as to make it difficult. The course is on a great surface and running through the woods of Pollok Park is lovely. I’m sure it is stunning in the springtime.

I started steady and after a few minutes settled into a solid pace. There was little movement between myself and the runners around me and we all just got on with it. After the first lap (it’s a two lap course) I did wonder if I’d be able to hold my pace for the next 2.5-3k as I’ve not run this fast since November. Thankfully I was able to do so.

Before long I came into the finish in 38th position and my watch stopped at 19:44 - a time that I was very happy with. My legs certainly felt it but my (dodgy) foot felt no worse than before so that’s all good. Sharon had a reasonable run and finished in 33:35 considering the lack of running that she’s been doing of late.

As with almost all parkrun events we followed it up with cake and coffee which was lovely. A top morning out with great friends on a great course. Well done Glasgow parkrun.

Interestingly my last seven parkruns have all been at different events - I wonder if I’ll find another new parkrun to try next time or whether I’ll just play it safe and go back to Bushy Park…

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