Not the London Marathon 2012 (Sharon)

You might not realise but I am training for the London Marathon. I got a place last year which I deferred and then this year I deliberated long and hard about taking up the place but decided to at least give myself the option of getting on the start line.

Anyway, I have been trying to keep to my Hal Higdon Schedule (novice 1 if you’re wondering) but things have conspired against me a little. However, here we are, 6 weeks away. 18 miles on the schedule. I’ve only run 13.2 miles before. In my head, if I didn’t do this 18, there was no way I could even contemplate standing on the start line at London.

David has blogged about what NTLM is, so I shall not do that. I had been very nervous about 18 miles, it’s quite a long way you know ;) Anyway, off we set. My plan was 11 minutes per mile, I had to really not set off too fast, which is my habit. I ran most of the first 2 laps with Emma, caught up to Ann and Jan, then along came Anna and Deb, who were a little bit late, so I ran with them for a while…kept trying to send people away as I didn’t want to slow them down but they wouldn’t go.

The miles ticked on by, I was having some gels and sports drink, before we knew it (ahem!) we were on the 5th lap. I really should have had my 4th gel about a kilometre before I did but there you go, that’s what you do these practise runs for I guess. So, last gel, then off we went onto the 6th lap. At 16.75 miles I lost the plot a bit and threw my toys out of the pram! I sent everyone away (what goes on in my head to do that?) and plodded on – still on my target pace though. Before long, Deb came back for me and I had done it. I had run 18 miles. Average pace was 10:54, so perfect.

David had whizzed along for his 18+ miles and greeted me with drinks at the end. I was feeling a bit wibbly wobbly, so drank some milkshake, got some warm clothes on and after a chat in the sunshine, headed off home. Thanks so much to Anna, Deb and Ann who ran with me for much of the time (or tried to before I banished them!).

Things went a big wrong at this point, I felt awful in the car, didn’t know what to do with myself. TMI Alert: Got home, in the front door and threw up! Luckily only into my hands as I ran up the stairs and not onto the carpet ;) All the stuff I had consumed after running, gone into the toilet. Rats. Tried to drink something else a bit later, once again down the loo. I don’t know why, there’s been a few suggestions made, I will try other things. Either way, I felt rotten for quite a few hours.

I am trying to take the positives from this run, currently the throwing up experience is over-shadowing my delight at running 18 miles…but I will try and let the delight back in later tonight :)

3 comments on “Not the London Marathon 2012 (Sharon)
  1. Ann Coward says:

    Maybe you needed a bit longer for your body to realise you had stopped running? It sounds as though it was still looking after muscles and vital organs and not ready to divert energy to the digestive system? Just a thought!

  2. Kirsty says:

    Oh good I see you did have a milkshake. Sorry it didn’t really work though. Really good effort on the 18 miles and I hope you feel better. xx

  3. Duncan Mallison says:

    Well done, alomst there only another 6 weeks to go, actually really only 3 because the last 3 are tapering weeks! I use Hal Higdon as well his schedules are ace, you are in good hands!

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