Rowe Running

The adventures of David, Sharon and a little running and triathlon exploits...

Welcome to our blog. The idea behind this site is for David and Sharon to write about their running (and in David's case triathlon/Ironman) exploits so we have something to look back on in later life. We also hope to give the reader an idea of some of the races we do and the fun we have along the way.

Personal Bests

  • David - 1m:5:18, 5k:17:32, 5m:30:01, 10k:36:44, 10m:1:01:56, 13.1m:1:23:47, 26.2m:3:09:09, Standard distance tri: 2:09:57, Middle distance tri: 4:28:01, Ironman:9:59:55
  • Sharon - 5k:25:22, 10k:54:45, 8m:1:23:47, 10m:1:32:27, 13.1m:2:08:26, 26.2m:4:46:36
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