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BPTT Update - 13 January

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After no rain for a couple of days, the hope was that the ground would be firmer this morning. I (David) didn’t notice it at all being slippery (maybe because of my new trail shoes), but it was soft. I wasn’t planning on breaking records, partly as I hadn’t run since last weeks race, so took it at a reasonable pace, but not record breaking. Well, it was tough, real tough, and I managed an almost personal worst of 20:39. OK, I shouldn’t be complaining as its a bloody good time, but its nowhere near what I’m capable of. At least I know exactly why this is - lack of training, and the reason for that - my hip. Speaking of which, I’m going to get an x-ray on it this week and then its likely that I’ll then have to go for an MRI scan to see what’s really going on. Lets just say I just want to get to the bottom of this.

I’ve not been told to stop runinng by my physio (she’s a runner herself), and I’m just keeping the miles right down at present. I’m going to be doing some (hopefully) slow organised runs starting tomorrow morning near where we live, and I’ve got some new running shoes for this - as the assistant in Sweatshop today said that the normal shoes I’d been running in (i.e., not the trail ones) were _NOT_ the right ones for me! grrrr.

Onto better things, Sharon rocked this morning and got a BP with a time of 31:45 - which is 16 seconds off of her previous best, set just over a month ago. Superb stuff indeed.

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