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8 miles? How did that happen?

By on sharon

So, for the last few weeks David has been an AdiRun guide on a Sunday morning, I did the first run which was 5 miles in early January but haven’t been able to go again since then. This morning I went along to do the 8 mile run. I was a bit concerned as I have only run just over 6 miles before (10km) and I ran quite hard yesterday at BPTT. However, I set off slowly, ran with another woman and managed a “conversational pace” which saw me doing 8 miles in a smudge under 95 minutes. I am really really chuffed to bits.

When I started running back in August (in fact almost 6 months ago!), I never really thought I would stick to it. I had of course entered the London Marathon, which would definitely have been a step to far and if I *had* got a place, it would have been deferred. I realise now that was stupid but I don’t think I had the respect for how hard it is and how much work someone like me needs to put into running in order to improve.

I had been deliberating my next race and was thinking about how far 10 miles seemed compared to the two 10km races I have done in the last couple of months. After today though, 10 miles doesn’t seem so bad…I am not saying it would be easy (it definitely wouldn’t!) but it is firmly within my sights now. ThenI guess after that, it’s only another 3 miles to a half marathon.

Now that I have done my 8 miles, I need to keep my promise to Charlie and Max and do a lap of Richmond Park with them. Not yet, it will have to wait until after the middle of April, when the AdiRuns finish - and Charlie has run the marathon, but it will come.

I am currently being a “born-again” runner, which I am sure is very annoying for everyone I know! The only thing I can say is that if I can do it, so can you. Get out there, get some decent shoes and make a start on that Runners World 6 week beginners plan. It works!

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