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BPTT Update - 10 February

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David: Good run today and I tried something completely new for BPTT. Although I was wearing my heart rate monitor/watch, I didn’t look at it one single time. I just got on and ran the race in 20:21, which was just a few seconds quicker than last week. I had a couple of small “battles” during the run and didn’t drop any positions in the final straight which I was pleased about

As an aside, it rained throughout for the first time I’ve ever known at BPTT (this was my 30th time trial) and I loved it!! The trail shoes I’ve been using for the past few weeks are superb in this kind of weather.

Sharon: Another good BPTT for me, another PB with 20 seconds more removed in my quest to reach the elusive sub-30 5km! Had a good battle with a woman in the last few hundred metres, we had been close for about 4 kms and I literally overtook her two steps from the line! We were given the same time but I got the higher place. It’s nice to have people to run near now, as when I first started I was miles from anyone and there was certainly no sprint finish!

I have to admit, I liked running in the rain, though my glasses were a bit wet and I couldn’t see so well. I suppose I should have worn a cap but I am not good at wearing a hat when running, it makes me too hot. Yes, trail shoes are very useful, especially in the early part of the race. It was a bit of a quagmire yesterday but I didn’t see anyone slip over, which has happened recently.

Oh and I am not allowed to mention PB’s again until I get that 29:59, eh Danny Boy ;)?

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