Activity this week = zero

Well, between Sharon and myself, we’ve managed a total of zero miles running, and zero exercise this week! Well, she’s always rushing around the hospital and I’m cycling to/from the station, but real solid running/gym work is what I mean.

We’re both doing a 10k this weekend (I’m planning on taking it easy), and tomorrow it’ll be just me representing the Rowe’s at the BPTT. Sharon will be there (resting before Sunday’s race), but hopefully armed with the camera – and with the weather forecast looking good we’ll see if we can get her right in the thick of the action just after the start with the wide angle lens! Should be interesting.

PS. I wasn’t planning on posting this update but a friend (Hi Danny) said he enjoyed reading about what other fellow runners get up to.

3 comments on “Activity this week = zero
  1. Danny says:

    Hi David!
    I enjoyed reading that. :)

  2. Richard says:

    Me too :-)

    Good luck in the race tomorrow. Hope to be up to 10K distance sometime later this month myself… Eeek!

  3. sarah (rodiogirl) says:

    Great report. Well done on your PB`s.

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