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Hip update...

By on david

Well, the results of the MRI and x-ray are in and they don’t say anything! On one hand I wished that they identified something (so at least I know where I stand), but on the other hand at least whatever has been causing me this hip pain doesn’t require a hip replacement (at least not yet!).

The specialist is still convinced its my hip (well, that’s where the pain’s coming from), and said that there are things on the x-ray that he wants to investigate further, and his current thinking is based on a suspected impingement of the femoral head (hip joint).

I’m now booked up for an arthrogram, which (simply put) is a number of x-rays of the hip but after injecting a dye into the area. Whilst he’s in the mood for injections, he also plans to give me some cortisone, which should rapidly reduce any swelling around the area. Frustratingly the doctor who’s going to do this is on holiday for much of February and the first available booking is in four weeks time :(

Who ever said running was good for you?

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