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BPTT Update - 10 March...the day we both ran sub-30!

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David usually writes these posts and I add in a bit but today the honour has fallen to me. I cannot even tell you how chuffed I am today, for I reached my target. My aim was to run sub-30 at BPTT before my birthday early next month. Well, after a *very* scary day yesterday where I collapsed, lost consciousness, had a chest x-ray, ECG, CT scan, bloods…blah de blah…I today broke the 30 minute barrier.

I ran pretty well for me, I thought. I cannot decide if it’s down to 1) more running this week (including my first ever attempt at speed training) 2) my longest ever warm-up before the race or 3) the boost of something radioactive I received from the CT scan!! I was aware that Shiraz shouted to me as I went past the 1km mark but I was concentrating so much that I didn’t even respond (how rude, sorry N!). I knew I was feeling quite comfortable (for want of a better word) and reached the final corner before the hell of the final straight in 23:33, my fastest ever. I seriously am so shocked that I managed it - and even more shocked that I managed to “swim” 36 lengths after the run. There was some talk over tea and cake after swimming club about achievable targets - so I think I am now moving onto my next one, which is to run a sub-60 10km race. Achievable? Well, that remains to be seen :) For now, I am happy revelling in my sub-30 time…onwards and upwards and all that!

David here: its all about my legs this week. After going out on Wednesday evening (taking photos at a concert) my legs were aching quite a bit - the reason being that there were TV/video cameras there and because I’m rather tall I was requested to crouch a little - at the expense of my legs aching. Well, to make matters worse I had a painful (but enjoyable) hour long run on Thursday evening with friends. So, we get to Saturday morning, my legs ache but its BPTT, and nothing’s gonna stop me running on a Saturday morning. Apart from the pain (which I soon forgot about as running 5k’s is pain anyway - well, if you put the effort in) I managed 19:49, which I was very happy with. Good run, followed by a good swim - where I was told that I have excellent legs (not sure if it was just a general observation or a comment on my swimming technique), and then the obligatory cake. Lovely.

Finally, a quick photo of David on the final straight.

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