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The morning routine...

By on david

A couple of years ago we got a projector alarm clock for the bedroom. You know, the ones that project the time onto the ceiling/wall all the time. The initial novelty was that when you woke up in the morning I knew exactly what times I had woken up in the night, to the minute!

As well as telling the time, which is a key feature of a clock, it is now part of the morning routine…

  • Alarm goes off
  • Find pulse
  • Wait for “minute” to change on the ceiling
  • Count heart beats for 60 seconds (till the time changes!)
  • Compare and contrast

And thus, a new day begins… I’ve had a strange cold type thing for a couple of days and this possibly explains my above normal resting heart rate at the moment. Oh, expect more heart rate comments in a few weeks when my copy of a heart rate training book arrives. In the meantime I’ll keep reading the heart rate thread over at Fetch.

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