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BPTT Update - 24 March

By on david parkrun

Ah, things are getting back to normal - i.e., I’m back at BPTT after my first week away since the middle of September (!). I’ve done a fair bit of running this week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) and after a quiet night in on Friday I was pretty geared up for this morning. I did a good long warm up before the start in conditions that saw the ground firm (maybe I should be doing this in horse-racing talk - i.e., “good to firm”) although a moderate Northerly wind made some parts tough.

The only good thing about a wind from the North was that the final straight would be quick, and oh it was quick today, with no wind resistance at all. In fact I was 15 seconds quicker on the final straight (just over 1km) than what I normally do it in. That said, the headwinds take that back elsewhere on the race.

Before I go on for ever lets just say that I equalled my personal best time of 19:20 today (29 seconds faster than two weeks ago!), and I’m well happy with that. I clocked this time last back on 23rd December so its great to be back on form again.

So, how does one celebrate equalling their PB - well, 50 lengths of the 25 meter pool at swim club!!

As for Sharon, she’s on holiday with good friends and as I write this is probably somewhere in Disney World in Florida enjoying the sunshine…

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