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Stragglers Handicap - 29 March

By on david

My plan was to take it easy for this months handicap… Starting at 13:30 after the first start this gave me a target time of 21:30 to reach the finish (i.e, 35 minutes total). I ran this at a steady fast pace and ran it in 20:48, which was about 40 seconds fast that last months race.

I was very happy with this time as I could have gone on for a lot further at this pace (although I did push hard in the final Km). This pace of 6:28 per mile puts me in a good position for a 10k time around 41-42 minutes. I’m running the Sutton 10k in early May in preparation for the Bognor Prom 10K on 20 May, which is the one race this year that I really want to do well in (and smash last years time of 44:26).

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