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BPTT Update - 31 March

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Excellent run for me today. My preparation of a beer (well, a pint of lager shandy!) and meal at the Twickenham Chinese restaurant last night prepared me for a good run, and a good run I had. I was undecided on whether to wear my trail shoes after all the rain on Friday but my decision to go with the Adidas Supernova shoes that I’ve been using since January was a wise choice.

I ran with fellow club member (well, from one of my running clubs) Darren and another guy for much of the race. Of course we didn’t say a word to each other, as if you do talk during a 5k race then quite frankly you’re not working hard enough!

My finish time was 19:15 (although my watch said 19:17 I’m not complaining) which is a five second PB (personal best). I’m very happy with this time (understandably) and in true Saturday tradition celebrated with a swim at Teddington pool followed by some cake!

Sharon returned to BPTT after two weeks away and following very little running finished in a very respectable 31:30.

PS. Well done to good friend Danny Norman who finished in 3rd place with a time of 17:05 (a PB of 19 seconds). Well done mate.

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