Rowe Running

Speed Training (sort of)

By on david sharon

As Sharon was working and couldn’t attend Sundays adiRun when I got home from work on Monday night we both went out for a jog together - probably the first time we’ve done that since the start of January (before Sharon’s first 10k).

The idea was to take it easy for about 10-15 minutes, and then do some faster running on a gentle incline. There’s a good spot near us (although right by a busy busy main road) but we did 3 hard runs (only about a minute long) to the top of the “hill”, followed by slow jogs back down. After this we gently jogged back home to a big bowl of pasta. Niiice. Sharon’s certainly got some good speed in her legs and I’m just trying to coax it out of her so that she can get closer to breaking the 30 minute 5k barrier.

PS. I think I’ve got a cold! Grrrrr. Resting pulse this morning when I woke up was 57bpm which is the same as yesterday. On a “good” day its around 46.

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