10 mile race training…

Well, we got running numbers through on Friday for the Thames Towpath Ten.  This is a ten mile race which, you may have deduced by the name, runs along the towpath by the side of the Thames.  I ummmed and ahhhed about whether to enter it our not but did (as did David) and have my number, which has “35” on the bottom.  Oh goodness, I will be a veteran come Tuesday!!

Anyway, after a couple of 8 mile runs on a Sunday, I was feeling very very nervous indeed at the thought of doing 10 miles.  It seems like an awfully long way to me and I really was not convinced that I would be able to go that far.

So after very little running the past couple of weeks (I ran for 30 very hilly minutes in Cornwall a couple of Sundays ago and a very hot and humid 30 minutes in Orlando last weekend) and a return to BPTT yesterday, I struck out today with the thought of trying to do the 11 miles route at the AdiRun this morning.  Although I got a telling off yesterday during post-swimming-club cake and tea for not saying, “I am doing 11 miles”…it was the “trying” that was the objectionable word apparently.

Anyway, given the past form at the AdiRuns where I have ended up running on my own for 90 minutes or so, last night David loaded up my new iPod shuffle with some music and I took it with me.  I ran the first mile or so with a couple of women from Ranelagh Harriers who I know but then I moved a teeny bit ahead of them and put in the earphones.  I did the usual 8 mile route, which at 7 miles includes a little drinks stop and then I set off for another reverse lap of the BPTT course. 

My head was fine, I don’t have a problem there, it never tells me to stop.  Where I do have a problem is my legs, even my breathing and fitness are much better but the legs are still finding it hard.  When I rounded the cricket pitch on the BPTT course for the second time, my legs were going, “No no no no no”…but my head was going “Yes yes!!”.  I knew that if I didn’t manage this 11 miles today, then I would have a tough time convincing my head that I *could* run 10 miles. 

I am aiming to finish the Thames Towpath Ten in around two hours and today I reached the ten-ish mile point in a smudge under the two hours, so I am pleased (the end of the 11 miles was 2:14:48, which I am fully aware is not great time-wise but it’s not really about time for me).  I might not complete it in the two hour target but, all things being equal and no injury/illness, I know that I *will* finish it.  I would never have thought I would say that 7 months ago when I started running.  This morning I really felt happy whilst I was running, I honestly think that I am now a runner for life.

4 comments on “10 mile race training…
  1. Danny Boy says:

    I think Kirsty is out of order for telling you off for using the word “trying”. ;P

  2. Hollywood says:

    Is this a blog or a sandbagging competition?

  3. Richard says:

    An iPod shuffle, not an iPod Nano and Nike+ system (Nike+ shoes not required!)? Shame – A challenge would have been fun! :-)

  4. Richard says:

    Ooooh, love the Dave and Sharon icons! :-)

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