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By on sharon

I went for a (supposedly!) slow run this morning, just a little half hour to see how my ankle would stand up to running. I am seeing Helen the physio tomorrow after work, so no doubt there will be an update then when she tells me I am not allowed to run for three months or something (oh God, I hope I haven’t tempted fate, not running for three months would be hideous!)….anyway, I digress.

New things today:

1) New birthday sports bra (thanks David!). Seems interesting, rather less “side to side bounce” - apologies to all the men reading, but with 36FF/G boobs, less side to side bounce is all good ;) Only problem is that it shows a bit under my Stragglers vest (thanks to Danny, Kirsty and Orlando for my lovely birthday pressie). Hmmm.

2) This whole sweating thing whilst running. It’s horrid! I don’t like it, I am used to running in winter, not on a baking hot April day when during my post-run stretches the sweat was literally dripping on the floor. Ick!

3) I ran my “round the block” route which I haven’t done in months - so that’s kinda new. I looked at my log and the comment I made last time was, “Hard, ran too fast”. I ran it today more than 90 seconds faster and definitely could have run harder - but that wasn’t the point of today. Isn’t it funny how much better you get, without really even realising.

4) I still like my iPod (and the Joss Stone album, it’s fab!).

So, I am now waiting for the physio opinion on the dodgy inner ankle. I don’t think it has been helped by 5 shifts on Labour Ward where I am stood up for 8 hours a day…it felt OK on my run today though, a bit twingy but hopefully the reduced miles have helped. I really really want to be able to do the 10 miles on Sunday but if she says no, then I shall try not to. I don’t want a long-term injury so early in my running “career”. I don’t mind telling you I am *gutted* about my ankle. I shall say no more at present, for fear of tears spilling on the keyboard….

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