A busy month ahead…

May is going to be a busy busy month for us…

Oh, and don’t forget the 5k Bushy Park Time Trial each and every Saturday!  Eeek!

5 comments on “A busy month ahead…
  1. Hollywood says:

    I demand that the combined total is below 100 minutes this Sunday… so that means you have to run under 45 minutes, David!

  2. David says:

    Hollywood: I like the idea. That’s good, I just have to “cruise” round in 44:59, and Sharon goes for 55:00 minutes. Sounds fair to me :)

  3. Hollywood says:

    This is the page you are looking for.

  4. Hollywood says:

    Pah – silly wordpress stripped out the URL – http://sandbagexercises.ifsstrength.com/index.html

  5. deesha says:

    David you have Sharon addicted now to running! Good Luck to you both. I’ll be checking back for the results.
    A triathlon? You are officially nuts babe!


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