BPTT Update – 16 June

Well, what can we say. There isn’t a BPTT update this week as we were not around to run it today. Looking at the results the turnout was low (just over 300), and if Danny had found more and ran faster he could have come second *grin*. Maybe next week eh?

I did however wear my BPTT t-shirt today with pride when I went out for a mountain bike ride with Sharon. Let’s just say the weather is nicer where we are.

2 comments on “BPTT Update – 16 June
  1. Danny Boy says:

    Damn the internet!
    Yes, I should have, could have come 2nd and tried harder.
    Not in great shape (excuses) but am off for a big run now to start getting back to where I was, and then next time, 2nd is mine!

  2. Kieren says:

    We missed you guys on Saturday. I don’t know where al the guys from the top end of the field were this week – it could have been a top 20 finish sub-19 & 15 or under in the low 18s – amazing in this day and age.

    The winner was great to watch – too fast to photograph though. I have come to the conclusion I need a bigger zoom…

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