Gadgets, who needs em! (part 3)

Well, I wasn’t expecting to post “part 3” of this series up so soon but never mind!

I’ve got lots more to learn but here’s the initial results of the first outing with the new Garmin GPS – a lap around Richmond Park. The image is straight out of the software i’m using on my Macbook – Ascent, and I’ve a feeling I’ll be handing over 35 dollars for the full version fairly soon.

I can see from this that after running to the park (the start is at the bottom left) and we headed clockwise. Heart rate wise green is low, yellow a bit tougher, and red is pushing hard. It was a gentle run until the (now named) “hill of doom” at Broomfield Hill – which is between Robin Hood Gate and Kingston Gate (the red bit in the lower-right part of the map).

When we got back to Ham Gate it was a hard 1k back to the main road, hence the rise in heart rate.

I love the number crunching of all of this stuff so look forward to getting to grips with it further.

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