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Gadgets, who needs em! (part 2)

By on david

Following on from my post from a couple of months ago, yesterday I picked up a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS heart rate monitor thingy. I wanted Sharon to have a GPS device for running, so I don’t always hear “can you check where I ran tonight….I think we ran here….then we turned down another road…etc…etc.” after we get home from running with our running clubs (where the groups often do very varied routes round the local area).

I’m going to “trial” it out for a few days (Sharon’s having a few days rest from running) and see what I think. I can’t wait to take a look at the graphs etc. that the software will produce, especially during races. I will probably give it a first proper audition at BPTT this Saturday.

I bet you anything that in a few weeks time I put my Polar HRM on eBay and get a Garmin for myself.

Expect to see more graphs and flashy Google Earth images on this site over the coming days and weeks.

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