BPTT Update – 21 July (Sharon)

So after my session with the physio on Friday, I had no hip pain – but my back was a tad sore from being crunched! However, it was the best I have felt physically since about February when all the niggly little injuries started (sore ankle tendon, hip, chipped cuboid…blah blah!).

I was on the start line and jokingly said to Kirsty that I felt “focussed”. I wasn’t wrong! I went off and tried to keep someone in my sights who normally whizzes away from me and just kept her close by. In fact, around 3.5 kms I started to catch her. It was at about 4kms in that I thought I was running well and would be on for a PB with a bit of extra effort.

I rounded the home straight corner and promptly pressed the wrong button on my new Garmin 305 (doh!)…I realised though after a few seconds and started it again. As I was running down Chestnut Avenue, Hollywood was there cheering me on and shouting, “Go on, you’re on for it, sub-29!”. He wasn’t wrong. I crossed the line in 28:36 (another 34 seconds taken off my PB) – and I was absolutely over the moon!

That was my 13th PB at BPTT this year and I guess the aim now is to stay under 29 minutes. Possibly easier said than done…but hopefully the extra training I have been doing will help.

4 comments on “BPTT Update – 21 July (Sharon)
  1. angela says:

    Wow – that’s a massive improvement, well done.

  2. Awesome!!

    You’re taking chunks of that PB every time I read.

    That’s great going especially on the soft rain sodden ground. Maybe an all tarmac 5k would get you that sub 28 ;-) – Serpie LFOTM 5k? If you’re ever not workng on a last Friday of the month.

  3. Danny Boy says:

    But… but how did you get such a huge PB? What did you do to be able to achieve such a time?

  4. Sharon says:

    Hmmm, perhaps it’s to do with increasing my training to 5 times a week, eating better, working on my core by swimming and of course drinking delicious lucozade sport (but not with the caffeine!!)…although of course it will be six runs this week as we have WD7 on Friday instead of a rest day.

    In fact David tells me that the run I did tonight with him was a tempo run – I’ve never done one of them before and blimmin heck I was shattered!! It’s the first time I have done a training run where my average pace has been less than 10 min/mile (it was 9:37 min/mile). I love my Garmin, I love knowing how far I have gone :)

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