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David's incredible pacing!

By on david

OK, it seems that I can be pretty consistent with my pacing - I just settle down and get on with the job at hand (so to speak).

Sharon was working an early shift this morning so what do I do….yup, I’m up at 6:20am (yes, its Sunday - the day of rest - or something like that! cooking a lovely bowl of porridge, and then getting ready to go to Richmond Park for a couple of laps round the outer path. I was running at 7:30am and had a very pleasant time.

Each lap is about 7.27 miles and I completed the first one in 54:23 with an average heart rate of 147BPM. The second lap I had to push harder to maintain the same kind of pace and I completed this in 54:28, only five seconds slower than the first lap! Talk about pacing. My heart race averaged at 154 on this second lap. Average pace for the 14.5 or so miles was 7:32 minute miling. A lovely long Sunday morning run.

It was good to see a few familiar faces from Ranelagh Harriers. I also saw a few Straggers and Serpentine running club vests being worn and only had to dodge two or three dogs on the way round!

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