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London 2008 entry in the post

By on david

One of the first entries on this site was entitled London 2007 entry in the post, and it’s time to do it again. Last year I didn’t get a place in the ballot to run in the London Marathon and wasn’t keen on getting a charitable place (partly because of all the work involved in raising the money, which isn’t easy).

I have today completed the entry form and I’ll find out if I’ve made it through the ballot in November/early-December.

If I get into London 2008 then I’m going to seriously get behind my training (unlike many others - read my marathon “rant” for more of my thoughts!) and go for a time somewhere close to 3 hours. With lots of training (i.e., not just starting in January) this is possible so lets just see what happens with my entry.

I’ll post an update sometime in November/early-December with how I got on with the ballot.

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