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BPTT Update - 22 September

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I (David) decided to get to Bushy Park a littler earlier today so I could have a longer warm-up - in fact I chose to run the full 5k course. I’d not run this distance before time trial in the past (I normally run about 1.5k warm-up) so it would be interesting to see if this had any effect on the actual ‘race’. The initial 5k ‘lap’ took me around 21:30.

I’d not planned to push particularly hard in the time trial but I always seem to say that… After a shocking start (I was engulfed about about 100 people within the first 10 seconds) I actually managed to find some room, but I had a lot of catching up to do - especially to get to Darren (who I always end up running with) - I found him at about 2.5k. The entire race was a good solid effort and at the end I finished in 28th place with a time of 18:49. Not bad after a 21:30 5k warm-up.

Sharon was planning an easy run (as she’s racing in the afternoon) and helped pace a friend round the 5k to her first sub-30 minute. Sharon’s time was 29:45 (just over three minutes off of her best time, so a good ‘easy’ run before a cross country race later).

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