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Holiday...what holiday!

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A couple of weeks ago Sharon, myself and ten others went on a holiday to Club La Santa in Lanzarote, which is around 100 miles west of Africa. Although advertised as a “sports and activity holiday” I think it was more like a triathlon training camp for me (David)!

There were huge amounts of sports available, but the most compelling was the road bikes, running track and 50 metre olympic sized swimming pool. This was ideal training and preparation for the triathlon I had entered a few days after my return.

In addition to free use of all the facilities, there were a number of competitions organised throughout the week where our group pretty much cleaned up - particularly in anything running-related. The conditions were ideal - it was warm but mostly cloudy - we weren’t there to top up our sun-tans anyway. It was however always really windy and being a volcanic island rather hilly - great for hill training apparently!

What follows is a summary of what we did over the week. I’ll leave you - the reader - to decide whether you think this is your idea of a holiday or not…


  • Morning runs
  • 10k race
  • Aquathlon
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Gym classes (body toning/stretching)


  • Morning runs
  • Aquathlon (swim, then run)
  • Duathlon (run, bike, run)
  • 10k race
  • Half Marathon race
  • Triathlon (swim, bike, run)
  • Windsurfing (including a race)

2007-08-la_santa-aqua_aerobics.jpgInterestingly, this was the first holiday that we’ve ever taken porridge oats and energy sports drinks with us. On quite a few days we were event getting up earlier than we do back home to go to work! Maybe this means our training is getting serious!

Our full set of photos from the holidaytraining camp can be found at Sharon’s photo gallery site.

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