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Even better pacing...

By on david

After the post about Kieren’s pacing at Berlin this past weekend I’ve got one better for you…. Heather - an experienced marathon runner who also ran at Berlin clocked the following splits….

5km__00:27:49 10km_00:55:20/00:27:32 15km_01:22:23/00:27:03 20km_01:49:38/00:27:16 25km_02:17:04/00:27:26 30km_02:44:54/00:27:51 35km_03:11:48/00:26:54 40km_03:39:34/00:27:46

1st half 01:55:45 2nd half 01:55:34

Only 11 seconds difference between the first and second half. Great work.

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