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Sharon - an "outstanding achievement"

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The following text appears in the latest (26 October) newsletter for the UK Time Trials series of events (If you read this blog then you’ll surely know all about Sharon and I running the Bushy Park Time Trial almost every week!).

Outstanding achievement

There are many examples of exceptional and outstanding performance that we could mention from our events. These shining stars come out and share the park with us week in and week out without recognition however, every now and then someone comes along and just completely blows your mind. I’m not talking about a “Craig Mottram [Commonwealth Games silver medalist and fastest ever time at Bushy Park] type of performance” rather I’m talking about a journey that this person embarked on which has changed their life so completely.

Sharon started running just over a year ago. Not entirely sure why but perhaps it was because her hubby, David was finding his way into the running scene and achieving greatness himself. Her first achievement was to complete a BPTT which she did in a shade under 35 minutes.

Not happy with this, Sharon had gone on to run many events including 47 BPTT’s where she has improved her best performance 18 times. When you review the improvements she has made it defies logic. One would expect a rapid improvement for a new runner with a period of stagnation followed by some small incremental improvements. Not Sharon, her record shows continual improvements including some rather large jumps just recently.

I wouldn’t like to guess where Sharon will go with her running but we are so pleased to have been a part of this discovery and we wish her every success as she continues to explore the boundaries in her running.

Not bad huh.

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