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BPTT Update - 05 January

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Another Saturday, another BPTT and another pre-Sunday-race BPTT at that. What was that resolution about not racing so much?

David had an easy run today prior to tomorrow’s 10k - and in fact he chose not to look at his Garmin today and just go with the flow. The flow turned out to be running about 6 feet behind Ranelagh buddy Darren. He crossed the line in 19:46 and was satisfied with his run.

I also was on a bit of a go-slow, aiming to get around in something like 30 minutes but crossing the line in exactly 29 minutes. I felt remarkably comfortable today and my leg didn’t trouble me too much at the time. Unfortunately I can’t say the same now, so maybe tomorrow won’t be happening for me.

After the run we saw bazillions of people about to start their British Military Fitness training session…we’re sure most of them were New Years resolution participants, so we give it a couple of months.

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