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The beginnings of a new time trial...

By on parkrun

Anyone who reads this site knows that Sharon and I are regular runners at UK Time Trial events - notably the Bushy Park and Richmond Park weekly 5k time trials. We’ve been running in them or helping out just about every single weekend for the past year and a half and they have made a great difference to our fitness, and also our social lives.

These events are starting to appear up and down the country (Brighton, London and Leeds so far) and don’t just appear without the hard work and determination of people behind the scenes working up grass roots support for an event which can only be good for the local area (and the people that live there).

Recently UKTT published details about their aims (together with their structure and franchise model) and what you can do to get an event up and running in your part of the country.

I’d now like to mention that Richard, one of our oldest friends (he’s not old, we’ve just known him a long time!), has over the past 12 months taken up running and when visiting London has managed to take part in a couple of the London time trials. He loves the time trial concept and is now interested in getting an event started in his home town of Glasgow - so much so that over the past few weeks he has been working at getting this idea off of the ground.

If you’re interested in how the plans for a Glasgow time trial is progressing and to air your support - he’ll really appreciate it as its all about getting the ball rolling now, please visit his website where he has just blogged about what’s going on above the border.

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