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BPTT Update - 02 February 2008

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Sharon and I headed to Bushy Park this morning as it was a special day. Kirsty, who’s one of our bestest (is that a word?) friends today became a member of the “100 Club”. Since her first run in August 2005 she’s clocked up 100 runs at Bushy Park. Brilliant. She was presented with a special fleece top and we all congratulated her.

Anyway, the course is now being run in reverse (after the park people planted a load of trees on the ‘old’ starting area). Its actually really enjoyable to run the course in reverse as the killer final straight is now the first 1k run. Much better.

Anyway, after a very reduced amount of running this week I intended to take it easy this morning (I’m going to give up saying that in future as on past experience I never do!) and ran it in 19:07. I didn’t even think to look at my watch one this morning - maybe because it was covered by my long sleeve top (I normally always wear short sleeves but it was flippin’ cold this morning). I then followed this with a cool-down lap (just another 5k!) with friends.

Sharon ran the 5k in 27:12 and was pleased with her run.

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