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Those of you who know me and see me when I (occasionally) watch local races will know that I’m a keen photographer. I bought a digital SLR camera a few years ago and am really enjoying taking photos - especially at races.

Thanks to Steve Rowland, the superb press officer at our running club, a few of my photos that I’ve posted at have made it into the local press - a good example being a couple of weeks ago when a photo of Clare King, one of the clubs leading runners at the recent Surrey League Cross Country fixture, made it onto the sports pages.

Well, at the train station this morning as I headed into work I picked up a copy of the Richmond & Twickenham Times. There are a number of papers in this “series” which serve the local area, such as the Hounslow & Brentford Times and I believe they all carry at least pretty much the same sports pages.

After watching (and taking a few photos) at the South of England Championships races last weekend I was rather pleased with a couple of photos that I got of the under 20’s female race winner Stephanie Twell. She’s a local girl and the newspaper often reports on her success (which are aplenty). On Monday this week I emailed a couple of photos of her just before the finish of the race over to the paper (in case they were interested) and low and behold one of them was printed.

I’m really pleased with the local paper’s coverage of athletics - especially when they also print my photos :)

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