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BPTT Update - 23 February 2008

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As I’m running a race on Sunday (more on that after the event) I took it nice and easy today at Bushy Park. I started with Sharon and Kirsty and not on the front or second row of the pack for a change, and boy is it busy off of the start when you’re not near the front - I tell you, it was chaos! Anyway, this was a good thing and I had an easy run, with a bit of a sprint finish at the end to clock a time of 20:20.

As Sharon’s on supporting duties on Sunday she did her long slow run this morning, consisting of a few early miles and then finishing with the Bushy Park Time Trial. However, she got carried away and what should have been a slow run for her was far from it. She finished in 27:16 and was very happy with that, considering the 5k warm up she did beforehand!

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