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BPTT Update - 22 March 2008

By on parkrun sharon

Almost a week late with this one - sorry! David is out of action with his knackered calf, though he was watching. To that end I had to brave the gale force winds myself (with a few hundred others for company of course!) for this weeks Bushy Park Time Trial.

My schedule (which was recently devised for me based on a race I’m working towards in a couple of months) told me to race hard. It was bloody windy though. As a result, my time was quite slow and I finished in 27:15. However, I did indeed race hard - I was shattered when I crossed the line! The first kilometre was very hard indeed but not as bad as the last 700m - when it was barely possible to catch my breath it was so windy! Even the winner of the race ran much more slowly than he normally does…

Of course, the other thing which possibly impeded my run - besides the wind - was the fact that I was racing wearing pink bunny ears and a bobtail!! Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence of this…which is a shame as Kirsty and I looked rather lovely indeed.

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